Portable air conditioning is the right choice

I have no need for a whole-home cooling system.

The summer time season in our local area doesn’t last long enough for such a big investment.

Sometimes, the entire summer time is freezing & wet with gray skies. Even when the weather is especially boiling & humid, our family spends most of our time outside. The two of us swim in the pool, play in the yard, work in the garden, lay in the sun & barbecue for lunch. The largest problem is the study rooms becoming overheated & sticky, making it just about impossible to sleep at night. I solved that problem with window air conditionings. I was fortunate to buy cooling units for each of the study rooms on sale from 1 of the local home improvement stores. The air conditionings are charmingly compact, lightweight & they installed absolutely into the windows. The two of us store them in the attic over the Winter time & carry them downstairs when the weather warms up. It takes less than five minutes to situate the cooling units, plug them in & start them up. They absolutely maintain a comfortable temperature in the study rooms. Even on the hottest & most humid summer time nights, the two of us enjoy a cold environment for sleeping. I truly sleep better with the air conditioning running. The operational sound is fairly quiet however loud enough to drown out exterior noise pollution. I’m not bothered by traffic, road construction, barking pets or early morning doves. I can absolutely make adjustments to the fan speed, temperature & access all the various features by way of a cordless remote! Plus, the air conditioning circulates & filters the air, removing dust & other contaminants.

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