Should I fix my new HVAC unit?

Should I fix my new HVAC unit? At this point, I just can’t recognize that my new HVAC equipment is honestly broken… What are the occasions that my HVAC equipment would be broken at this point? I literally just obtained the HVAC unit, and now, I will have to spend cash on my new HVAC unit, however should I just return the HVAC equipment and try again? Am I even allowed to return the HVAC unit? I guess that I should really explain that while the HVAC equipment is new to me, the HVAC equipment definitely is not new, but i bought the central air conditioner from someone else that decided that they just didn’t want an HVAC equipment anymore.

I was completely good with purchasing a cheaper central air conditioner if that meant that I would honestly have one.

I have never had a central air conditioner before, and I knew that I was never going to be able to afford to purchase a brand new central air conditioner. When the HVAC worker helps to install the new central air conditioner, he told myself and others that he thought that the central air conditioner was in good condition. Apparently, the central air conditioner indeed was not in fantastic condition because a few afternoons later the central air conditioner broke down. I hope that I didn’t honestly purchase an old and broken central air conditioner. If I knew that I was going to have too awful a ton of cash on a central air conditioner, I would have simply obtained a new central air conditioner.

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