Taking energy saving measures

Living in the northeastern part of the country means challenging weather all year round.

  • The temperature swings from disadvantage twenty-multiple to the high eighties.

Our weather forecast is filled with blizzard warnings, wind chill warnings, sleet, hail, chilly rain, thunderstorms and high winds. There is rarely more than a week or more than one when we’re able to go without either the gas furnace or the air conditioning. Temperature control is a big part of the budget, adding up to approximately fifty percent of our household utility bills. I take undoubtedly fantastic care of our heating and cooling equipment, making sure to schedule professional service and replace the air filters. I have invested into a smart control unit to maximize opportunity for energy savings. I’ve made it our mission to tighten up our house and eliminate waste. Through insulation, caulk and weatherstripping, I’ve helped to combat expensive leaks. Every couple of years, I have the ductwork maintained and maintained by a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. The Duct system can be a big source of energy losses due to small holes and cracks at the seams. The majority of homeowners sacrifice up to 30% of heated and cooled air because of flaws in the ductwork. I spent quite a bit of money on replacing all of the windows in the home. Although they were quite expensive, I observed a big difference in the comfort of the home, however just recently I added ceiling fans in quite a few rooms, then my wife and I were able to install the fans ourselves. They work to create a cooling effect by pushing moderate air upward while in the summer. In the summer, we reverse the rotation of the fans to encourage the heat down toward the floor.

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