Can’t believe how violent the basketball player was

There was an immense argument at a basketball game in the city.

The game was honestly a part of a four-on-four tournament.

There were hundreds of players from all over the village playing in the tournament. There was a $100 entry fee for each team to compete plus the winning team of four won $2,500 plus a 5-day trip to a tropical resort. During the last game, one of the players was physically assaulted. A certain player was angry about the ref’s call, then he pushed the other player plus the ref called a foul. When the ref called a foul, the guy attacked the referee immediately after. He started punching plus kicking the guy like a crazy person, and it was one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed. The basketball player lost his control. Three guys had to work hard to stop the fight. The police were called plus the basketball player was taken from the property in handcuffs. A week later, the player had to kneel in front of a judge. The guy found a legal attorney to represent him in the matter. The attorney fought especially hard to get the guy a nice break on the charges. The attorney worked so taxing plus meticulously, that he won the case plus the player did not have to spend actual time in jail plus he did not have to pay money in restitution to the referee. I do not believe that it is truly fair for people with currency to get away with crimes such as these, just because they can afford to hire a really great attorney. The guy attacked the ref seemingly for no reason plus in my opinion, he should have paid damages plus served a few afternoons in jail for assault plus battery.

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