Evaporator Coil Wasn’t Draining Properly

The other day, as I was sitting in my living room, I noticed a strange smell.

  • The smell was musty and dirty, but it didn’t smell like something was rotting inside.

At first, I couldn’t locate where the smell was coming from. I walked around my house sniffing everything like a hound dog, trying to locate the source. Finally, I realized that what I was smelling was coming from the air vents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate which air vent the smell was coming from the most, so I needed to call an HVAC professional to come check it out. Once he smelled the odor, he immediately told me that it smelled like mold. Mold is never a good thing, so I was confused and worried about removing it. After examining the AC system, the HVAC professional confirmed that there was in fact mold and it was growing on the evaporator coils. According to him, this was a common problem due to drainage. Excess moisture was being collected and creating mold, which was in turn creating a horrible smell that was being distributed around the house. After a few hours of work, the HVAC professional was able to replace the evaporator coil that wasn’t draining properly. He said that it would take some time for the smell to go away, but my AC system would be completely fine. I’m really glad that I got the help from an HVAC professional when I did, because mold is quick to spread and can cause serious illness.

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