Humidity Issues and Mold Growth

Humidity is expected in the region I reside, so it’s imperative to have forces that combat the moisture within a home.

Most homes in this area have central air conditioning with a system that eliminates humidity from the air.

Portable dehumidifiers are an option, but they’re not as effective as having a dehumidifier built into your air conditioning system. Normally, I never worry about the humidity levels inside my home because my AC system does a great job at eliminating the moisture as it pumps cool air into my home. However, a few weeks ago, I started to see condensation build up on the windows. I thought that the condensation was on the outside of the window pane, but the closer I looked, I realized it was actually on the inside! Condensation buildup on the inside of the window pane was a big problem, and I had no choice but to contact my local HVAC company about it. Due to the warm weather and the volume of business the HVAC company had, I had to wait two days for an HVAC professional to come to my house. During that time, I noticed the condensation more than ever and I began to worry about the growth of mold. My mind began to play tricks on me and I was convinced that something was horribly wrong and that my air quality was defective. Thankfully, the HVAC professional said the issue was an easy fix and that he didn’t see any mold growth.

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