I do not want to go without the air conditioner being fixed first

My spouse wants us to go camping next week, however the air conditioner is broken in the camper right now.

There is no way that I am going to go camping without a toiling A/C, no matter how much he begs me to.

I just don’t do well outside in the heat when I don’t have access to an air conditioner. It’s not even the temperature outside that is the issue for me. It’s the knowing that I don’t have a way to escape from it that makes me crazy. If I’m resting outside in the heat and the sunshine, that’s totally fantastic for me as long as I think I can go inside and cool off in the air conditioner later… But if both of us are out camping and the A/C in the camper is broken, then there is no way to do that and I just end up feeling trapped and annoyed. If I recognize trapped, hot, and annoyed, then that means life is not going to be any fun for anyone around me, that’s for sure. I keep trying to tell my spouse this, although he is just determined to go camping next week. I told him yupterday that if he would spend as much time toiling on getting the air conditioner in the camper fixed as he has spent begging me to go without the air conditioner, then it wouldn’t even be an issue! The A/C in the camper would be fixed already and I would be ecstatic to go! Sometimes he just doesn’t make sense.



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