I Replaced the Air Filter

There’s been something wrong with our AC system for a few months now, but my husband is in denial.

Our monthly utility expenses have been rising steadily and the air hasn’t been as cool as it always is.

When I bring up the topic of the air not feeling cool enough, my husband thinks I’m overexaggerating due to my belief that something is wrong with our AC system. Since I know that I can’t get him to contact an HVAC professional to come service our AC system, I’ve taken things into my own hands. I know this isn’t recommended, but I don’t want something terrible to happen to our AC system if we let it sit without any attention. After doing some research online, one of the top reasons for inefficiency and lack of cool air is due to a dirty air filter. Thankfully, I know where we store the extra air filters. When I removed the dirty air filter, I couldn’t believe how congested it was. The dust was so thick, it was hanging off the mesh. I replaced the dirty air filter for a clean air filter and tried to clean up the mess from the dust and debri that was falling off. Now, all I can do is wait to see if this makes a positive difference in my air quality and utility bills. I really hope that replacing the air filter was all I needed to fix our AC system. If not, I don’t know what it’s going to take for my husband to finally call an HVAC professional.
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