I sneak my HVAC maintenance in

When my husband leaves the home I change things a tad.

I typically choose a room and paint it a pretty color.

He gets no input and can’t tell me no when I do this. I also wash the whole home and move things around a bit. It is a great time to organize the den and mop the floors. Another thing I like to do is get our Heating and A/C method taken care of. My husband feels that Heating and A/C repair isn’t something that is required. What he doesn’t know is that I am enrolled in a Heating and A/C repair plan. Two times a year I get a Heating and A/C professional over to the modern home to perform a tune up. I get the A/C looked at in the Spring and the furnace looked at in the fall. It keeps the equipment running longer and more efficiently. Since I have enrolled in my Heating and A/C repair plan, I have seen lower energy bills. I never face odd noises or smells anymore. There is no threat of an unexpected breakdown at all. I know it is more than worth the cost of the plan. It is something my husband would never sign off on though. So I just don’t tell him. The moment he leaves the home on a business trip, soccer game or to see his parents, I call my Heating and A/C business. They can do the Heating and A/C tune up in about an hour. I get the whole unit checked, tightened and cleaned. About once a year I have the air cleaner took care of too. Sometimes I even spoil my Heating and A/C tech and get the HVAC duct washed as well.


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