It’s cold frigid in our apartment

It’s cold frigid in our apartment as soon as every one of us turn the a/c system on.

  • I don’t believe if every one of us just have a legitimately good a/c system or if there is something wrong with the a/c that’s making it run just a little bit too cold! I mean, pretty much everyone wants their a/c to be cold, however I’m starting to think that ours is just a little bit too cold.

It’s not supposed to be this way, I don’t think. I believe that there is something called icebox syndrome that happens to particular people’s a/c systems, and I’m beginning to think that every one of us might have something prefer that going on with our A/C unit. I assume that is something that I’m going to have to get diagnosed out by our heating and cooling company. I don’t legitimately want to call them to make an appointment, though. That’s because it seems prefer a legitimately stupid thing to call and complain about. I believe that the HVAC specialists would absolutely laugh at myself and others if I were to call and tell them that the a/c in my apartment is just way too cold. That sounds ridiculous, however I legitimately think that something might be overworking in our a/c unit. I would do not like for it to wear itself out at the beginning of the summer time because I don’t want to have to spend money for an a/c service before the summer time is even half over! I assume that I’m going to have to make an appointment with the HVAC company anyway.


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