My dad’s dad installed it back in the 80s

Dad owns an ancient dial control unit and needs to update it with a smart control unit because it’s failing.

My dad’s dad installed it back in the 80s and it has served him well for so long.

However, it’s time to update it and buy a modern WIFI smart control unit. Dad is going to go to the large contractor’s store later once they aren’t too busy and see if he can find a modern one. Dad avoids going to the store early in the day because all local contractors fill the place while getting their materials for the workday. It usually slows down later once almost everyone has purchased their things and has gone to their task sites. The best time to go to this local supplier is easily on Saturday evenings about an hour before they close. This store is usually a ghost place at this time of the day on the weekend. But, dad must go there today to get this control unit because his old thermostat is failing. He’s not sure it has ever been calibrated and it’s so far off that sometimes it’s set on heat mode in the middle of a warm day. Dad has an energy efficient central cooling system, however, the control unit isn’t performing. He’s going to do his yoga session now and then head off to the store to buy a smart thermostat.

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