My journey as a personal trainer

Fitness isn’t an end goal, it’s a journey.

  • When someone says they are going to exercise until they lose a certain amount of weight and then stop, I know that person will not be successful.

Losing weight is important for many people, but is only one small aspect of fitness. The truth is that there is no end for fitness, it’s a journey that you take through your entire life whether you know it or not. My journey started with morbid obesity, and was a huge struggle for the last ten years of my life. Now I work as a personal trainer, focusing on people like me who used to be obese and wanted to improve themselves. Many people have the wrong idea about personal trainers, and think we are either tough drill sergeant instructors or space-case muscleheads who aren’t very smart. This is true in some cases, but by and large I have found that personal trainers are devoted to their craft, and genuinely interested in helping people. Why would you become a personal trainer if you didn’t want to use your skills and experience to help others? I bring a unique perspective to my job as a personal trainer, and always try to target clients who have massive amounts of weight to lose. These people need a special kind of help, the kind not all personal trainers can give, so I am excited to have this job. Currently I have six regular clients at the gym, and I like to think that one day all of them will also be my friends.

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