My mom wanted to get my Mom a great gift

My mom wanted to get my Mom a legitimately great gift for his birthday this year, but he didn’t believe what to get for him, but he called myself and others up and asked myself and others what I thought would be a great gift for him, however i wasn’t legitimately sure, however then when I went out to dinner with him a single afternoon, he told myself and others that he legitimately wanted to get a current smart thermostat system for their house, and he was complaining to myself and others about their current thermostat component and how he had been wanting to get a current a single for a while however my mom kept telling him that they did not need a current a single! Then, he showed myself and others all of these weird smart thermostat systems on his iPhone.

He even showed myself and others the a single that he liked the best, but apparently this a single has a lot of weird features that my Mom thought were legitimately cool.

He prefers the whole system of being able to control his heating and cooling system with nothing more than an app on his smartphone, then when I told my mom what my Mom said about wanting a smart thermostat,she just rolled his eyeah and said that they did not need a current thermostat. I told his that if he wanted myself and others to find out what he wanted for a birthday gift, then he should at least get him what he absolutely wanted! My mom is just a difficult guy to deal with periodically, however my poor Mom. Maybe I will buy him the smart thermostat myself since he won’t get it for him.

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