My partner was trying to fix our air conditioning

My partner thinks that he knows how to fix everything, however the truth of the matter is that he is not undoubtedly handy at all. I do not suppose why he thinks that he is so good at fixing things, however the truth of it is that he is just fooling himself. He’s not fooling myself and others though, then every time he acts prefer he’s gonna get out his tools as well as try to fix something, I suppose that that means that I am gonna have to be calling a professional sooner rather than later. This most recently happened with our air conditioning plan when it tore up a few weeks ago. The weather has been heating up around here for the past few weeks as well as so it was entirely pressing for us to get the air conditioning unit fixed. I didn’t want to wait around to get it done because it was already warm outside. I was literally picking up the iphone to call the Heating as well as A/C supplier as well as make an appointment when our partner spotted myself and others as well as said that he was going to do it himself. I just rolled our eyes whenever he said that. He got out his tool belt as well as started down the stairs to the room where the Heating as well as A/C plan is. I knew at that point that he was just going to end up making everything worse than it already was. Even though he told myself and others that he was going to fix himself, I called up the Heating as well as A/C supplier as well as made an appointment anyway. I just wanted to be on the list for when the two of us would inevitably have to call them!

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