My water heater broke when I least expected it

Why is that when things are going great something always happens to throw you a curveball? Life can be so strange in that way, don’t you agree? For example, I was coming back from the most fantastic weekend trip that I had with my friends from college. The weekend was perfect, beach, sun, drinks, relaxation, laughter, it was amazing. However, on my way back, I ended up with a flat tire, and that caused a 2 hour delay for me. I was just happy that I was able to get the tire fixed with no additional issues. Well, a few weeks ago, I was listening to my sister complain about having to purchase a new HVAC system, and she was telling me about how pricey they were. I was telling her that I was glad that I didn’t have an issue like that because I wouldn’t even know how I would handle it. Well, sure enough, a week later my water heater decided to break down. At first, I wasn’t even sure who to contact about a water heater, then after some research online, I realized that a plumber could fix them. While I did the research, I looked at the prices for new water heaters just in case I needed to purchase one. They ranged between $500 to about $3,000. Some were more expensive, but I assume those were for commercial use. Luckily, the plumber was able to fix the water heater, so I didn’t have to purchase a new one. But at least I know what the price would be for the future, and I am happy that it is a lot cheaper than a new HVAC system.


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