On her way back, she ended up with a flat tire

Why is it that when life is going good something constantly happens to throw you a curveball? Life can be so weird in that way, don’t you agree? Ann recalls one time she was coming back from the most great weekend trip that she had with her pals from university.

Those 3 days were perfect: beach, sun, drinks, relaxation, laughter.

Ann found it amazing. However, on her way back, she ended up with a flat tire that caused a 30 minute delay for her. Ann was just glad that she was able to get the tire fixed with no additional complications. Later that week, Ann was listening to her sibling complain about having to purchase a modern HVAC system. He was telling Ann about how costly HVAC systems were. Ann was telling him that she was glad that she didn’t have an issue like that because she wouldn’t even have a clue how she would handle it. Well, sure enough, the other day Ann’s water heater decided to stop working. At first, she wasn’t even sure who to contact about a water heater. But, after some research online, Ann realized that a plumber could service them. While she did the research, Ann looked at the prices for modern water heating systems just in case she needed to purchase a new one. They ranged between $550 to about $3,500. Some were even more costly, but Ann knew those were for commercial use. Fortunately, the plumber was able to service the water heater, so Ann didn’t have to purchase a modern heater. At least she recognizes what the price would be for the future, and she’s glad that it’s a lot cheaper than a modern HVAC system.

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