Our mom was complaining about buying a new HVAC system

Why is it that when things are all wonderful something typically happens to throw you a curveball? Life can be so bewildering in that way, don’t you think? Some time last month, we were coming back from the most fantastic mid-month trip that we had with our girlfriends.

The trip was perfect: beach, sun, drinks, relaxation, laughter. We had loads of fun. However, on our way back, we got a flat tire. This caused a 1 hour delay for us. We were just ecstatic that we managed to get the tire fixed with no additional concerns. Well, last week, we were listening to our mom complain about having to order a new Heating and A/C system. Mom was telling us about how extravagant they were. We responded that we were glad that we didn’t have an issue like that because we wouldn’t even have an idea how to handle the expense. Well, sure enough, yesterday our water heater decided to emit cold water. At first, we weren’t even sure who to contact about a water heater. After some research online, we knew that a plumber could repair them. While we did the research, we explored the prices for new water heaters just in case we needed to order one. They ranged between $500 to about $3,000, then some were more high-priced. But, those were for commercial use. Thankfully, the plumber managed to repair the water heater, so we didn’t have to purchase another one. Still, we are glad to know what the price would be for the future. Water heaters are a lot cheaper than a new Heating and A/C system.

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