Prices for a new water heater ranged from $500 to about $3000

I wonder why when life seems good an issue always comes around to throw you a curveball.

It’s so weird how life is, don’t you think? I was once coming back from the most fantastic weekend trip that I had with my besties from school.

The weekend was perfect: camping, tents, the great outdoors and laughter. We had a blast. However, on my way home, my car broke down, and that caused me a 2 hour delay. Luckily, I managed to get the issue sorted and was on my way. The other day, I was listening to my sister complain about needing to purchase a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system. Her main issue was how pricey they were. I told her that I was glad that I didn’t have a fault like that because HVAC systems weren’t cheap. Well, sure enough, this morning my water heating system decided to break down. This threw me for a loop because I wasn’t even sure who to contact about a water heater. After some research online, I learned that a plumber could repair my heater. As I was browsing, I looked at the prices for modern water heaters just in case I needed to purchase one. They ranged between $400 to about $2500. Some were more high-priced since these were for commercial use. Luckily, the plumber managed to repair the water heater. I didn’t have to purchase it, however but at least I was aware what the price would be for the future. I’m happy that it’s not as costly as a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system.


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