The A/C Condenser Unit Got Hit

While our teenagers were playing in the backyard, one of them kicked the soccer ball into the outside condenser unit.

The impact was so strong that it made a loud bang plus the ball really left a small dent in the side of it.

Worried, I began to look at the condenser unit plus speculate if anything was broken. I went inside plus listened to the air conditioning coming out of the air vents, however nothing seemed unusual. I didn’t know much about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, although I knew that kicking a soccer ball into the condenser unit wasn’t good. Since I was worried about it, I decided to call an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to come look at our A/C system plus the condenser unit. Thankfully, the professional was able to come to our house within a few minutes plus look everything over for me. He ran numerous tests on the device plus he returned with a positive report. The A/C system appeared to be laboring great plus the dent in the condenser unit didn’t seem to be causing any complications. He did propose that every one of us stop playing around the condenser unit, however other than that, the A/C system was nice to go. I was relieved by his findings, although I still kept a close eye on the A/C system just to be sure that nothing was wrong. I’m ecstatic I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional because I would have spent more time worrying about it when there wasn’t anything really wrong with it.

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