The AC System Was Ductless

When my brother bought a house that didn’t come with central air conditioning, I thought he was crazy.

Although we don’t live in an area that warrants an AC system for the majority of the year, the summer months do get warm enough where an AC system makes living more comfortable.

We’d always lived in houses with central AC, so the thought of not having one seemed crazy. When I said this to my brother, he reassured me that he’d be fine because he was planning on installing ductless mini split systems. An HVAC company was coming to install the entire thing so that he didn’t have to worry about it himself. Thankfully, the HVAC company had the ability to install the entire ductless system within one day because there was no ductwork needed. I didn’t know much about ductless mini split systems, but my brother was confident in his decision. Once they were installed, I had my brother show me around his house and how he used the new ductless units. To my surprise, they were sleek and modern looking, and since they were mounted on the wall, they weren’t taking up living space. Each unit came with a remote to control the temperature settings, and the units were quiet as the cool air pumped out of them. I was also surprised by how well they cooled each area of the house. Now, I understand why my brother wanted to install a ductless system, because it was cost effective and efficient!


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