The bill went to me

My mother doesn’t have paypal or venmo either.

I live next door to my mama. Which on one hand is genuinely great. If I run out of something baking wise, I just text her and see if she has it. If I want to run errands, task out or go to a movie, I can typically ask my mama to come with me. It is nice for her to have someone to visit her, help her with the yard and keep an eye on things, however on the other hand, there are some cons to living close to her. My mother does the snowbird thing. Once she leaves the modern home is left unoccupied for a few weeks. I get hounded by my mama to keep an eye on things. Mama has me mowing her turf, getting the mail, watering the flowers, cleaning the house, the list is endless. I recently got stuck handling a Heating and A/C repair for her. The air conditioner in her modern home just up and broke. My mother found it out by her smart thermostat alerting her. She was all over me that I needed to get a Heating and A/C professional. I got to hire the guy, rest around and wait for him to show up and watch the A/C repair. It was hours out of my day. The secondary cherry on top was I had to pay for the cooling repair. My mother doesn’t have paypal or venmo either. So I told her how much she owed and was informed she would write a check or pay me in cash when she saw me. It has since been numerous weeks and she hasn’t brought up the repair. I know she forgot about it. I hate to bring it up, but I don’t want to pay for her air cooling system.

a/c worker