They are replacing it over the summer

Since the HVAC system at the school where my kids go is so terrible, they are supposed to be fixing it over the summer.

And there was a whole substantial uproar about it among parents at this school over the fall semester.

Apparently, the HVAC company that the school board had originally hired to do all of the heating and cooling work on the schools for the last fall semester ended up going out of business and the school board just never hired another a single. I thought that was the craziest thing that I had ever heard. I mean, what exactly are every one of us paying taxes for if the public school officials are not going to make sure that the indoor air quality in the school buildings it’s great for our kids? It made a lot of parents so mad that they were determined to get some of the school board members fired because of it. It was legitimately a whole substantial deal around here for the past various months. Anyway, the last thing that I have heard is that they hired a current commercial HVAC company to do all of the work that needs to be done in the local schools over the summer. Apparently, this current commercial HVAC company is legitimately good and every one of us are expecting good things from them. I’m ecstatic to believe that when my kids start back to school this coming fall, they are going to have legitimately good indoor air quality in their classrooms. It will absolutely be an upgrade from the last fall semester!

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