We will go to the big hardware store in the afternoon

We have this faulty dial control device and plan to replace it with a smart control device because it isn’t really accurate anymore.

We think our grandma installed it back in the 90s and it has served us well for all that time.

But, now it’s time to replace it with a new wireless smart control unit. We’re going to go to the big business’s store later once they have fewer customers and see if we can choose a better unit. We won’t head to the store early in the day because there are many local technicians getting their supplies for the workday. It usually slows down around four in the afternoon once they have bought their things and gone to their task sites. The best time to go to this local corporation is Sunday evenings about an hour before they close. This place is usually empty at this time of the day on the weekend. But, we need to go there today to purchase the control device because our dial control device isn’t working anymore. No HVAC technician has ever calibrated it and it’s so far off that periodically it seems like it kicks on the heat in the middle of a tepid day. We have a nice central air conditioning system, but the control device is not so nice anymore. We’re going to do our pilates session now and drive to the store to find our new control unit.