Why don’t all hotels have cooling

My hubby and I are going on a short trip before I get too pregnant.

  • It is just like another honeymoon for us.

I decided to travel within the US but to someplace warmer and slightly tropical. I think you can figure out where I mean. So, I found that hotels are unquestionably pricey. I want to be on the beach. What is the point of going to the beach if you have to walk to it everyday? I also want to hear the sound of the waves from my room and have restaurants within a short distance. My goal is that renting a automobile won’t be necessary. I have found in my research that it hasn’t started to have A/C in a hotel room… Frequently the hotels just rely on opening windows and letting in a fresh breeze. I even saw the fitness rooms don’t have AC, but instead are open to the air. I know my husband would have a fit if I booked a place that didn’t have any central cooling. I have needed to read each hotel layout and find out what kind of Heating and A/C they have in them. I have gathered that if I want AC, I need to go with a traditional hotel, not a condo hotel or an airbnb. That means it is going to be more extravagant. Also, not all hotels even have it, I need higher end hotels with multiple outdoor pools, spas and restaurants to have A/C as well. So now I am looking at a base cost of five hundred dollars a night if I want to have AC. I am not willing to give up on the beachfront either. This is going to be a costly trip.

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