Yoga and cannabis go together like cookies and milk

We will light up, get high, and then spend two hours in her private yoga studio

Never before in my life have I bought pot from someone beautiful. The first time I met Gail was to score a dime bag of cannabis, and she took my breath away. I asked her out on the spot, and she was impressed enough with my confidence to say yes. We started dating, and let me tell you that dating your weed dealer is really amazing. She also expanded my horizons past getting high and watching movies into the realm of physical fitness. Gail loved yoga, and loved to combine yoga with cannabis into a unique and amazing workout regimen. I have never in my life belonged to a gym, and never given half a thought to my physical fitness. I am not overweight, and for me fitness and wellness had never been about anything but looking good. Gail opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing things, and when we combine yoga and cannabis it combines the best aspects of physical exertion and mental tranquility. We will light up, get high, and then spend two hours in her private yoga studio. Whether or not we wear clothes I will leave to your imagination, but in any event the yoga tires me out yet invigorates me! I can see a long life with Gail, no question about it, but I am also committed to the art and skill of yoga, as well. I have actually never done yoga without cannabis, but I do need to try it some time, just to compare the experience. Have you tried cannabis and yoga together?