You can’t just give away my AC

My wife takes no pride in her material belongings.

  • She frequently runs over the tools with the automobile or leaves them out in the snow.

All her clothes are ripped and torn. She frequently loses things or breaks them due to being kind of mindless. She can’t own nice things. My wife is an unquestionably generous person though. So, I purchased several window air conditioners for our house. The people I was with and I technically didn’t need AC, however our area was experiencing high days of heat. I put one air conditioner in my dining room and one in the kitchen. I was so glad to have them. One day I came home and noticed that my wife stole the kitchen air conditioner. I was a little worried, knowing her it could be out in the alwn, in her truck or someplace she can’t find it. I then realized her parents were complaining about the heat and my wife grabbed our A/C for them. Which was nice of her, however it was her cooling unit. I told my wife that I wanted it replaced with the same model. She tried to buy a cheaper version and the hardware store and that wouldn’t fly with me. My wife then tried to just hand me money and that was also a no. I lost an air conditioner, I wanted it then replaced by her. I felt like a total tool demanding she get me the AC, although I should not have to go separate from it. It was my property and she never asked if she could give it away. I guess I am a selfish person because I would not have given the cooling method away if asked for it.

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