a/c was short cycling

It is never a fantastic sound to hear the heating as well as cooling unit turn on, as well as then off, as well as then on, as well as then off again. If it keeps turning on as well as off again prefer that, then that means the cooling unit is short cycling. The a/c system can short cycle for multiple reasons. Thankfully, I have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to Heating plus A/C, so I could absolutely diagnose the problem myself, one of the reasons a cooling unit might short cycle, is because the a/c unit is too substantial for the home. An a/c system that is too substantial you would suppose would be a fantastic thing, however certainly the short cycling causes the Heating plus A/C unit to have a much shorter lifespan because it cools the beach house certainly too abruptly. I have had our central a/c for years, as well as the short cycling is recent, so I knew that wasn’t the problem. Another reason that your a/c unit might short cycle is because it is congested. I kind of wondered if this was our issue, since I had forgotten to change the air filter. My HEPA air filter by now was certainly quite dirty, as well as so I went as well as pulled it out as well as put a current Heating plus A/C filter in. Sure enough that was the problem. It is dangerous to not change your Heating plus A/C filters often enough, because it causes the a/c to heat up as well as work harder in an attempt to cool your home. I am glad I caught this now, before it became a larger issue.



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