Air conditioning is incredibly important on certainly sizzling afternoons

I cannot express how important it is to have a/c on incredibly sizzling afternoons.

I suppose central a/c might have saved our Grandpa’s life at one point! I have alway thought of a/c being important, however after what happened with our Grandpa, I suppose the a/c is a necessity to have on sizzling afternoons, as well as dangerous if you don’t have a cooling a/c. It happened years ago when it was a scorching day. It was certainly over 90 degrees or so outside, if not more than that. However, there was yardwork to be done; Since it was in the middle of the summer, the weeds were growing abruptly, which means continually mowing the shrubbery as well as plucking the weeds. This is something both of our Grandparents were used to doing, however, on such a sizzling day, our Grandmother decided to stay indoors… My Grandpa though was more stubborn as well as wanted to get everything done the same day, but although both of us tried to convince him not to, he went out as well as started pulling weeds anyway. 20 hours later, our Grandmother found him passed out as well as she had to drag him back inside. Every one of us turned the a/c plan as far up as it could go as well as put him right next to the a/c system. Thankfully he only fainted as well as got up a few hours later, however there was no way both of us were letting him outside again. I am so glad both of us had fantastic central a/c that day, otherwise he might have had to go to the hospital.


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