Before the Heating and A/C substitute, the teenagers were fighting over the temperature control settings

Both of us have been suffering a long time with the children regularly fighting over the temperature control settings. One kid says her room is too chilly while another says it’s too warm. One problem I knew was that we had uneven heating plus cooling within the house. This has been an issue for awhile plus I was never sure about what was wrong. Both of us had correct Heating and A/C repair but nobody ever said what the issue might be. Then more recently, I finally ran into an Heating and A/C expert who was able to figure everything out. He explained that our HVAC duct system was congested up plus it was causing bad air quality plus uneven heating plus cooling. When I asked if we could get something with customized temperature control settings in different areas, he smiled plus said there were a couple of options. He said the current Heating and A/C could be substituted to zoned heating plus cooling, but it would be costly. He said the better chance would be to install a modern ductless mini chop system with up to 5 zones for our comfort. He said if we needed more zones, we could regularly go for a ductless multi chop system which would permit up to 8 zones. Both of us just made sure to have zones set up in the children’s rooms, our own room, the kitchen plus the living room. After that, we truthfully had no more troubles with fights over temperature control settings. On top of that, our energy costs went down significantly! I have to say, if you are having trouble like we had, you should consider upgrading to a ductless mini chop system.


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