Going to Do Some Trading Today if Markets are Good

I won’t get all into it but yeah I am going to do a little day trade action if the market seems to be healthy today.

It is an art form requiring timing and patience. Also, you need to be very careful of greed because that can come into play causing you to lose all of the profits that you should have taken. Just a bit of advice to you if you are doing any kind of trading or investing. Don’t be greedy and don’t be impatient. I need to be patient today while on the phone with the HVAC company because they are very busy and I usually have to wait to speak to them. I should get my HVAC license again because most of the HVAC companies are so busy that they need a week before being able to come out for a service call. All of the contractors in all of the fields in our town here are so backed up with all of the work in the area. It’s a good thing because they are making money, but a bad thing if my heat or air conditioning isn’t working properly. I don’t have a problem with my HVAC system but I just wanted to see if I can get someone to come out and clean it soon so there won’t be any problems with it in the near future. I guess I need to wait till the hot season is ending and then try to get them to come out and take a look at my system.


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