HVAC technician became my friend

One of my closest friends I met a while back.

We actually met in a strange way.

Usually when it comes to making friends, you can meet them online or while on vacation or sports and what not. However, my friend and I met in a weird way. It was a few years back, an ordinary day, and I was waiting for the heating and A/C worker to arrive for basic HVAC maintenance on my heating and air conditioning system. The HVAC worker arrived, and he did the basic HVAC tune ups and was about ready to leave when he noticed an old picture I had on a wall. It was an old picture of my basketball team, which I excelled in during high school. He pointed it out and asked about it, and it turns out that he went to the same school and was on the same team. He was actually able to point himself out from all of the other kids. We both had changed so much over the years that we didn’t recognize each other. We both started talking about the good ole days, but sadly we couldn’t talk for too long because he had many other heating and cooling appointments to attend to. However, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch after that. Through talking more, we found out that we actually had a lot in common, and now we hang out all of the time. I think it is funny how we met, what a small world.

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