I am often reminiscing about what life was like back in the day

Sometimes when I drift into thought, I’ll start thinking about how things were like when I was a youngster.

I was raised on the West Coast, which was a pretty fantastic experience back in the day.

We lived in a place where the temperature was warm all the time. There would be some scorching hot days, but not so much and we rarely had to crank the AC system that much in the house. Whenever we wanted to spend too much time inside during those days to enjoy the AC system, our parents would regularly kick us outside to go play with our buddies. Fortunately, everybody had water balloons and super soakers and we always had huge water fights on the overheated days. Oh man, we would stay up late too when we could get away with that. Oftentimes, we would be playing intense games of four square or basketball. Because we lived in a court, there wasn’t a lot of traffic that we had to worry about, so it was all about the games. We even drove our remote control cars in the court without having to worry so much about a car running them over. Life was the best back in the day and there are times when I wish I could go back. The good thing about modern times is that we have more efficient heating and cooling systems, so at least we have that going for us. I’m sure my parents were very stressed about the energy bills back then, and that’s one main reason why they were always keeping us outside, so we weren’t letting the AC escape the house.

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