I want to get some energy saving tips from the local heating and A/C company plus today is an enjoyable day to actually go down there. I don’t have anything to do today except for a little writing so I am going to see if I can save us some money each month on our heating plus cooling bills. We have a newer heating plus A/C plan but I am always looking for ways to save money around the house. It isn’t so cheap anymore to live plus saving a little money here or there is an enjoyable idea. I am planning on chopping back my work hours at my local corporation so I have more time to do the things that I love to do. I would simply love to do more golfing plus more playing of the drums plus singing in my band. The local company is my bandmate plus was asking myself and others the other day if I would love to play more in the streets plus in clubs plus I told him yeah sir I would. I need to get someone to run my local corporation for myself and others because it takes a lot of my time, so I am looking for the right woman for the job. Perhaps then I can chop my hours way back each month plus have more leisure time for myself. I am 55 years outdated now plus guess that I have also received the right to work less after 30 years as a local company. I just want to work on getting my power bills lower plus talking to the heating plus A/C rep at the store will solve that problem.

I want my HVAC supplier to give me energy saving tips


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