It became sort of a passion of mine to repair heat and AC products

When I was in college, I ran into a number of students who had issues with their window AC units or air purifiers. Fortunately, I learned long ago how to work on these basic heat and AC products. I could even fix certain types of portable heaters. I could fix most other types of electronics too so I helped people repair their keyboards and other similar things. I started doing these services for others to make enough money to get by. I was even able to afford to buy a nice little UV air purifier for myself because I wanted to have better air quality in my studying space. Of course my roommate also appreciated the improved air quality and I appreciated the window AC that he had. Thanks to me, I was able to keep that window AC unit running in excellent condition. College was a pretty good experience and I met a lot of nice people. I had a pretty good paying career too after working so hard, but I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted in life. I ended up giving up the career after working hard to get my HVAC certification, and then I worked repairing heating and cooling units. On the side, I still help so many people out with whatever electronic repairs they need, because for the most part, there’s nothing I can’t fix. Even when I have clients where I fix their HVAC equipment, I ask them if they need help repairing anything else and I make extra money in that fashion.

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