It was nice to have heated air again

It is so nice to be greeted by a toasty house again.

If you have ever gone without heating for an extended period of time, you know what I mean.

Sometime during the end of winter, my heating system stopped working. I am not really sure why, but it could be because the central HVAC is getting older, so maybe it is nearing the end of its lifespan. Either way, since it was at the end of winter, I figured I could tough out the rest of the cold, until it was spring. However, doing that was a lot easier said than done, especially since even when spring did arrive, it was not an immediate change in temperature, so I still had to deal with the cold for a while. However, eventually spring did arrive and everything went back to normal again, and I didn’t have to worry about the central heater until the next winter. Well time flew by and before I knew it winter was already approaching. Not wanting to get in the same situation I was in last year, I wanted to take action fast, before other people started booking a lot of appointments with the A/C businesses. Winter is one of the busiest times for A/C corporations. I made sure to book my appointment nice and early, and once everything was said and done, the heater was repaired and working again. I was very glad to have the heating system working again, it felt so nice to have a nice and toasty house to walk into. I am glad I won’t have to worry about a repeat of last year.


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