My buddies said we should make some venison jerky

When I had some ancient buddies come to visit at our home, it was wonderful to see everybody.

I remember it was funny when I provided everybody some beef jerky.

They asked me if I made it myself, despite the fact that I didn’t. I didn’t even think how to make beef jerky, despite the fact that I guessed it involved air drying beef strips with seasoning. They said that we should make some apartment made venison jerky. They asked if I had a hunting rifle which I didn’t. Both of us ended up going to buy some rifles with the regular ammunition plus we made the decision to go hunting. Now it was easily chilly out there so we were dressed up warm plus had camoflauge outfits. Both of us ended up finding some spots to rest plus wait plus I found myself shivering but I was wearing a coat. Fortunately, all of our buddies had portable gas furnaces with them. Both of us all set up the portable gas furnaces carefully so we could keep our hands warm without having to build a fire or anything. I had to admit, I didn’t even suppose to bring a portable gas furnace along, but it’s something I will keep in mind for next time. Both of us ended up getting a buck plus we took the deer to a meat butcher where we made a bit of profit for the meat that we didn’t need. Both of us ended up making such wonderful venison jerky, now I’m asking our buddies when we can go hunting again. Of course I have a nice portable heating system now so I won’t be too chilly out there again.

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