My buddy is rich and famous now, but he still makes time to hang out

When our buddy became rich and successful, I thought there would be no more room in his life for anybody enjoy me.

It’s funny because we were always close as teenagers, we were next door neighbors for the longest time.

Both of us also went to the same university and had mostly all the same classes. Both of us both appreciated fine temperature control settings, however I suppose I was more strict about it than he was. I begged our parents for a window A/C equipment and I got one while he didn’t have that sort of luxury back then. Still, he worked strenuous in his job and ended up making a immense amount of currency. He has a particularly fancy property now with his own boat and everything. His cabin is to die for and I can’t know I suppose somebody who lives so priceyly. But still, he somehow remains humble. He doesn’t necessarily care that much about his belongings, he just enjoys fine dealer. He says I’ve always been his best neighbor and he prefers it when I come out to visit him. Both of us go out on trips on the boat, periodically just the more than one of us with the ideal temperature control settings. Both of us will usually sit there and reminisce about seasoned times while fishing and enjoying some drinks. Occasionally I go to the bigger parties he has, but it’s almost impossible to talk with our buddy when he’s tied up with all those guests. In our opinion, it’s always best when it’s just us hanging out enjoy we always did back in the day.

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