My wife suggested we go for a hybrid heating system

When my wife told me we should get a hybrid heating system, I had no clue what she was talking about.

Then she explained a good friend of hers invested in a hybrid heating system.

She said it’s basically a heat pump that works with a furnace of some sort. In this case, she said it would be best to go for the gas furnace heat pump combination. She said that her friend has been saving so much money on the energy bills, and it would be nice to have great comfort like that with much lower energy costs. I had to agree with her that it would be nice. So we ended up having a consultation with a local contractor. The HVAC expert who spoke with us said they had pretty good options with the hybrid heating systems which also provide cooling in the summer season since the heat pump is able to go into reverse operation. While the cost of installation was a little bit pricey, I realized we could afford it and so we made the commitment. Ever since having the new hybrid heating system installed, we have been enjoying it immensely. I love that it’s a smart HVAC system too. The smart thermostat has learned our preferred temperature control settings so we rarely have to adjust the temperature control these days. Not to mention, we have been saving a huge amount on the energy bills. It’s hard to believe that we can enjoy so much comfort without it costing us too much, sort of like how it used to be before the upgrade.


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