One More Article and Then I Need Some Food

I wanted to do some writing as soon as I woke up so that I wouldn’t have so much to do later on today.

I want to help my mom around the house when she gets up, and she is still sleeping now so I wanted to get a head start on my writing for the day.

She wants me to clean the ductwork today and it is going to be a hot one so I would like to work on it before the midday heat comes. I think if I can get up there in the attic before 9am I will be okay. It is only 6am right now so I have some time. We also have a natural air conditioner with the cool breeze blowing out of the north today and the big oak tree that offers shade in the morning. My cousin is chopping down all of the oak trees in her yard and I told her how much they help with keeping the house cool but she still wants to chop them down. Her power bills in the summer would double because the ductwork in the attic would get so warm that it would take twice the time to cool the house. I just told her that I won’t come over to her house anymore if she cuts down the tree in the backyard. Anyways, I am going to help my mom today with cleaning the HEPA filter and the ductwork as a thank you for letting me stay here for so long while on vacation.


a/c serviceman