Our baby girl is getting into everything plus climbing everywhere

Ever since our baby girl l gained to climb, it has become a pretty crucial issue, now she wants to climb everything plus she has been at it for quite some time now, then she is regularly moving chairs around if she needs to get a boost up on a surface like the table or laptop desk.

For some reason, she was regularly climbing to grab a single of the thermostats for our zoned Heating and A/C system.

She would climb up onto the desk plus then sit on top of the tower of the iPad plus get the thermostat plus start decreasing the temperature control settings. Now given, she was just important random buttons on the thermostat, but she was entirely turning up the cooling system or gas furnace from time to time. Then more recently after decreasing the temperature control settings in our office, she was on our laptop desk plus somehow she managed to fall off our desk plus took our monitor along with her plus the keyboard. I had to run over to see that she was alright plus she was fine, just a little annoyed from the fall. I had to tell her not to climb everything, but she never listens plus she regularly gets right back to it, however my partner came up with a pretty wonderful plan to put those childproof door handles on our doors where we don’t want her going. She doesn’t need to be in our office plus she also can’t go into the basement for her own safety. My office is mostly an issue because I keep a lot of our tools in there, plus I don’t want her getting hurt. I might just have to transfer all our tools to the basement.

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