Our child always has the craziest birthday ideas

Out of everyone, I guess I had the hardest time

These afternoons, I’m almost scared to ask our child what she wants to do for her birthdays. She always has these crazy ideas plus she wants everybody to be involved too. Last year, she wanted us to go to this slime room gaming contest, however everybody had to compete in this crazy course. There were sites that you had to manage to get over else you would fall in a pit of slime that you had to scamper out of. Of course, you would be covered in this nasty slime-like substance. Now, I’ll tell you, I said from the start that the two of us could do this although I said they better have nice weather conditions control in the site or I wouldn’t be involved. Of course, I said if the temperature control settings plus air quality were reasonable, I would join the contest. Well, I ended up regretting that because the air quality was just enjoyable plus the temperature control settings were really on point. While everybody was struggling badly through this slime course with slime being sprayed at every corner, our child got the quickest time of completion. Some of her friends came 2nd plus 3rd plus everybody else didn’t even come close. Out of everyone, I guess I had the hardest time. I got blasted square in the face by a slime gun at one point plus everybody was laughing. I was so enthusiastic when the two of us got cleaned up so the two of us could go to a nice restaurant where the weather conditions control was just right. After last year, I can only imagine what our child will come up with this year!

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