Our children deserve something nice for their good grades

I was very proud when our children came home with exceptional report cards.

  • They both managed to get straight A’s.

I discussed with my wife what kind of gift we should get them for their academic excellence. My wife said that perhaps we should ask them what they wanted, even after I suggested paying them a certain amount of cash for every A they acquired. So we ended up asking our son if he would like anything special for all the hard work he did in school. He thought about it for a minute and then said he had the perfect idea. I was honestly nervous that he would ask for something impossible to get like a Playstation 5 or something. What he asked for surprised both my wife and I. He said that he wanted a window AC unit. Then he quickly added if that was too costly, he would like to have an air purifier for his room so he could enjoy better air quality. I told him that I would see what I could do. When we spoke to our daughter, she apparently heard our conversation with our son and said she wanted an air purifier too. We ended up going to a local HVAC supplier and asked them about their air purifiers and window AC units. We were surprised when we learned they had window AC units with built-in air purification. They also had built-in smart thermostats so they could be controlled via phones or other wifi-connected devices. So we got our children each one of these smart window AC units and they both love them!



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