Our Hybrid HVAC System is Working Like a Charm

I’m not sure where the saying “working like a charm” comes from but it sounds pretty cool so I like to use it sometimes.

Our power bills since getting this newer HVAC system have been cut by two thirds and I am so happy about it.

We used to get power bills as high as $550 or more a month and now some of our power bills in the summer are as low as $150. That means our air conditioning is saving us about $2000 over the summer and would pay for the whole system in the matter of five years or less because we also save that much in the winters too, more or less. It’s amazing how far the HVAC technology has come in the past fifty or so years. Imagine how much it would cost in today’s dollars to cool your house back in the 1950’s with the old HVAC systems. I bet it would be like $1000 a month in the summer if you were running it constantly. It’s almost the same as long distance phone calls back then, nobody would like to call overseas because it would be cheaper just to fly there! I think this hybrid HVAC system is maybe 25% more efficient than the normal systems out there. I wonder what the HVAC technology will be like in twenty five more years? I bet we could get it down to almost nothing if we could utilize the sun and wind to keep us comfortable in the house with the HVAC system. Time will tell.

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