The office used to be easily warm and uncomfortable

Our house technically has a house office, but the two of us never used it.

My partner and I have discussed multiple times over the years about working from home, but the two of us never ended up going through with it.

So for a long time, that house office just collected dust. It was easily a nice thing too, since that house office was severely uncomfortable! The way the room is positioned, it is positioned at the front of the home. The room also has a large window, and with the window, it lets in a lot of sunlight. Because of all of that, the room is almost consistently incredibly warm. My partner and I didn’t easily have much need for the room though, so the two of us just left it. However, when the pandemic came and most people started shifting to working from home, our partner started talking more and more about starting to labor from home. I guess she is seriously considering it now, since her company offered stay at house positions. Because of that, I wanted to surprise him by making the house office as nice as possible. I took some disinfectant spray and cleaned away all of the dust that had gathered over weeks of being unused, as well as I rearranged the shelves and swept the floor. But the main thing I had to do was get a portable a/c. Thankfully, finding portable A/C units was not hard at all. I was able to get a single the same day. All I had to do was make a stop at the local HVAC store and option a single up. That way if our partner does start working from home, she won’t be uncomfortable.

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