Thinking about just living in the cottage full time

Fortunately, our partner and I have fine jobs and we also have a lot of getaway time.

Both of us entirely bought a cottage so many years ago.

This was still when we had the children under our roof, so we would properly make time to hang out at the cottage. The cottage is nice after we had a ductless mini cut installed along with solar panels to cover all the energy needs. Both of us used to run an oil gas furnace that we would have to fill up before the Wintertide seasons, but that ductless mini cut program works great. I also care about the smart thermostat we have for it since we can conveniently monitor how the Heating plus A/C equipment is working and the temperature of the cottage at any given time. The Heating plus A/C equipment is highly energy efficient and there are never any concerns with heating and cooling the place. Well, ever since the teenagers have moved out, it has been a little bit lonelier around the house. My partner and I have been seriously considering just selling our cabin and living in the cottage full time while working remotely. It would be a more peaceful life separate from having to hear the hustle and bustle of a highly populated area. The teenagers said that would be relaxing because they prefer visiting the cottage a lot. If we do that though, I’m considering having a fireplace installed in the cottage. I suppose that would compliment the cabin perfectly and make it even more good staying there. I suppose then, the children will make every excuse to come out to see us.


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