Took some work figuring out how to heat and cool the modern addition

When our partner and I decided to add a modern addition to our home, I really was expecting to expand the ductwork so that our Heating plus A/C program would supply heating and cooling to the modern space.

My partner suggested myself and others to reconsider that because she wasn’t particular that our Heating plus A/C program would even be able to handle it. When she said that, I suddenly wasn’t so sure about what we would do. So I ended up consulting with an Heating plus A/C expert who said we would have to add a modern Heating plus A/C install to the addition. He advised going with a ductless mini cut program which we could have up to 5 zones for and the program would supply customized temperature control comfort in the odd areas of the modern addition. Well, that ductless mini cut install particularly did the trick. I entirely find myself wanting to hang out in the addition more often where we have a couple of odd rooms. The customized temperature control comfort is amazing and we also have a fireplace in there as well for the freezing Wintertide months. Honestly though, you can particularly supply enough cooling for the whole Wintertide with just the ductless mini split. The program provides plenty of heating down to negative 5 degrees fahrenheit. It doesn’t even get below the teens in our section for the most part. Even if it did become too freezing for the ductless mini cut to run though, we have the fireplace to keep us nice and toasty in the addition no matter how chilly it becomes outside.

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