We ended up going for the most energy efficient HVAC system

When we were talking with an HVAC expert recently, we got into the idea of getting a geo heat pump.

The HVAC expert was telling us about all the benefits. I didn’t know much about geo heat pumps, but I asked if the heat pump would actually provide enough heating in the winter. The HVAC expert laughed and said of course it would. He said it’s because the geo heat pump accesses the underground temperatures which makes this type of HVAC system suitable for any climate. I actually had no idea. I also didn’t know how good this type of HVAC system is for the environment. We learned that there is no pollution caused by this HVAC system and it also will improve the value of your home. That’s because a system like this when properly taken care of can last for as long as 50 years. When the HVAC professional told us all of that, I had to agree to schedule an installation. It took a little while for the installation because they had to dig into the earth to lay down the piping. When it was all said and done though, it was exciting to use our new HVAC for the first time. We even invested in a smart thermostat to properly control this advanced HVAC system. So far using this new HVAC, we have been saving more money than I could have dreamed of. I now believe this is the most energy efficient HVAC system available on the market, which is what the HVAC professional was trying to tell us the whole time.

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