We love the geothermal HVAC that came with our new home

I was honestly surprised when my wife and I managed to find a new home for sale that had a geothermal HVAC system hooked up. We learned that the HVAC system was only 5 years old and we were told these systems could last up to 50 years. While it’s true there’s no guarantee that these systems will last longer than 25 years, if you take good care of them, they should last for the longest time. So when we purchased the house, the HVAC technician we had checked on everything said that we had to get tune-ups regularly to keep these systems in perfect working order. That’s really true of every type of HVAC system, you have to keep up with maintenance or you’re bound to experience some issues down the road. It’s always best to keep proactive about HVAC system maintenance and care and prevent the HVAC system from breaking down in the first place. So instead of calling for HVAC system maintenance here and there, we decided to just enroll into an HVAC service plan so we could have everything covered for a reasonable cost. I’m glad we did this because the HVAC professionals have been providing excellent work and I feel like we aren’t even paying that much money to protect our investments. The geothermal HVAC system has been great too, we never are lacking for comfort even on some of the most uncomfortable days. Our area even gets down into the negative digits in the winter too, and our home doesn’t have trouble remaining nice and toasty.

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