Affordable tiny condo while I wait on our dream home

I got a sweet deal on a huge plot of land in the country, then it is right on the water and there are woods surrounding it.

I have a vision in our head on what our dream condo is going to look like.

I want a log lake house style of condo with radiant heating, a decorative wood stove, brick floors and all wood walls. I want it rustic, manly and fitting to live in the woods. I also want to make a boat dock and buy a little boat that I can cruise around the water, however right now I don’t have that type of cash. It is costly building a condo and it takes a long time. I needed an affordable condo solution fast. I didn’t want to bother with a mobile condo or camper! Then I would be out on that cash and eventually need to sell it. I ended up picking an affordable tiny condo solution. I worked with a shipping container business that creates the condo exactly the way you want it in their facility. They make everything out of shipping containers and then drop it off for you. I got to decide where the door goes, how many windows, the outlets, plumbing and the flooring material. It was amazing how much I got to decide and for how cheap it was. Is it pretty? No, not really! But it is functional and works enjoyable for me, and as a single man, a tiny condo is the ideal solution! Someday I am going to have our dream condo and I will turn that tiny condo into a storage component for me. I can make it a condo gym and a site to keep our tools. Sounds perfect right?


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