Air conditioning breakdowns can undoubtedly be invasive to our schedule

I have a family of five, and things can get quite chaotic in our household. I always seem to operate on seven different schedules all of the time, because pretty much everyone’s needs and demands are quite different from one another. Most of the time, I enjoy caring for my hubby and our kids, because I want them to be happy. That being said, sometimes it does get pretty overwhelming and draining though. Last summer, our air conditioner broke. It was a really bad time for that to happen, because there was a heat wave. You can bet the cost to replace our air conditioner was exponentially higher due to all these factors! Our summer that year was packed with vacation plans, so having to spend money on a brand new HVAC system was definitely a bummer. I even had a hard time scheduling an HVAC appointment to begin with, because they were so busy. I am rarely home, and the HVAC company had a tight schedule for inspections. Some of our kids were distraught when I had to cancel their plans to go certain places, however I reminded them that getting the air conditioner fixed as rapidly as possible would allow them to get back to sleeping well. We all had trouble sleeping since the two of us normally keep the temperature down in the low sixties at night. I was also able to use that as an incentive to calm them down. It was a chore, however we were so happy when the a/c was fixed. .


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